Wellie Wisher Hooded Raincoat, Boots & Umbrella



Wellie Wisher Hooded Raincoat, Boots & Umbrella.

Rain Rain please don’t go away, especially with this radiant white raincoat. The white is accentuated by multi-colored buttons and garnished with little umbrella stitching at the bottom. The wrist cuffs also have the umbrella stitching to complete the theme. Only because it’s raining doesn’t mean we can’t look good. The inside of the coat is artistically lined with a colorful rainbow fabric. Stylishly cover your doll’s outfit with this ivory white raincoat. Comes with electric blue galoshes adding an extra pop of color to this rainy day ensemble.

Choose your purchase option with or without the umbrella.

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Raincoat Boots & Umbrella, Raincoat & Boots